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Soul Kitchen Retreats

We are committed to creating beautiful spaces for you to rest, recover and rediscover

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It's about Medicine for the Soul

Soul Kitchen retreats are an immersive experience that provide you the breathing space away from your busy life. 

We create spaces for you whether you need to tune in, or tune out, connect, breathe, rest or reactivate, or simply immerse yourself in the beauty of nature we're here to support you along the way.  This is about time and space to discover the ingredients of life, that make you feel most alive.

Endless possibilities and pure goodness for your body, heart and soul. 


Feed your soul

We believe there are many elements to nourishing your entire being.  Your Mind - Body - Heart - Soul.

Each element of your retreat has been carefully curated to nourish your entire being.

Think sunrise, vibrant colours, nature noises, waterfalls flowing, delicious food, restful sleep spaces, quiet time, yoga, massage, healing sessions, creative journalling, dancing in the moonlight, being in nature and personal discovery through specially selected workshops.  The possibilities for discovery are endless.  Joy and growth are certain. 

This whole experience is about you and for you



Connect and feel alive

It’s time to get back to basics: Turn your phone off and remember who you are without all that noise.  You will be distracted by the beauty of the world around you.  Your body can rest.  Your mind will feast on things to make you feel good.  You can lay in bed in the afternoon and not feel guilty.  Sit in a hammock, read a book.  Laugh out loud.  Be appreciated.  Have a massage, dance, do yoga.  Eat with your fingers.  Walk barefoot.  It's all taken care of.  All you have to do is show up.

A beautiful encounter with simplicity, wellbeing and an experience into everything Soul Kitchen embodies.  

Let us hold space for you and if you want to grow, we will work with you to do that too.






Cook up





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Let's do it together


Soul Kitchen Retreats are journeys we take together.  You show up, wherever and however you are - that is just perfect** for us.  You can take time out - but know you aren't alone.  We bring likeminded women together to share their uniqueness and their similarities too.  Friendships are formed, stories are shared, laughter and joy bubble, discoveries are made.  In this unique space you can become part of a connected global community of women who keep it real. 

** By the way we don’t believe perfect exists - imperfect is perfect

And in the end of the journeying,
in the end of all purification - you will discover that to awaken means to have journeyed nowhere.
It means to have arrived at a goal that has never changed.
— The Way of the Heart